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Department of Medicine - Winters Center

Houston, Texas

The staff of the Winters Center is engaged in translational research and clinical practice.
Winters Center for Heart Failure Research
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Biswajit Kar, M.D.

Photo of Biswajit Kar, M.D.Department of Medicine - Cardiology - Baylor College of Medicine

Director, Cardiac Catheterization Lab,
Michael DeBakey VA Medical Center of Houston
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Department of Internal Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine

Office phone: 832-355-9022
Office fax: 832-355-8800

Dr. Kar specializes in interventional cardiology, especially very high risk angioplasty, percutaneous ventricular assist devices and percutaneous replacement. His expertise also includes management of heart failure and cardiac transplant patients. He also has a keen interest in strategies to develop and deliver cell-regenerative therapies. Dr. Kar is involved in many research studies in these areas of acute heart failure.

Education and Training:

  • Medical School: Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, India
  • Residency: Baylor College of Medicine
  • Fellowship: St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, Texas Heart Institute, Baylor College of Medicine

Areas of Clinical Expertise:

Heart failure, cardiac transplantation, Cardiac support devices, coronary interventions

Research Interests:

Percutaneous cardiac devices, heart failure

Representative Articles:

  • Amir O, Delgado III RM, Kar B, Gregoric ID, Radovancevic B, Smart F, Cohn W. Recovery from multi-organ failure in a patient with a continuous flow left-ventricular assist device. Jour HL Trans, Letter to Editors; 2006 Jan 148.
  • Delgado III RM, Wadia Y, Kar B, Etheridge W, Zewail A, Pool T, Myers TJ, Scroggins N, Frazier OH. Role of B-type natriuretic peptide and effect of nesiritide after total cardiac replacement with the AbiCor total artificial heart. J Heart Lung Trans 2005 Aug; 24 (8): 1166-70.
  • Kar B, Delgado III RM, Radovancevic B, Myers TJ, Wadia Y, Letsou GV, Riaz I, Metcalfe R, Gregoric ID, Harting MT. Vascular thrombosis during support with continuous flow ventricular assist devices: correlation with computerized flow simulations. Cong Heart Fail 2005 Jul-Aug; 11 (4): 182-7.
  • Kar B, Delgado III RM, Civitello A, Loyalka P, Paniagua D, Fish RD, Forrester M, Moser D, Radovancevic B. Temporary support with TandemHeart pVAD during percutaneous aortic valve replacement in an animal model: rationale and methodology. Tx Heart Instit J 2005: 32-3; 283-6.
  • Kar B, Adkins L, Palanichamy N, Myers TJ, Delgado III RM. Clinical experience with the TandemHeart percutaneous assist device. Tx Heart Instit J-publication pending.

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