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Department of Medicine - Winters Center

Houston, Texas

The staff of the Winters Center is engaged in translational research and clinical practice.
Winters Center for Heart Failure Research
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Biykem Bozkurt, M.D.

Photo of Biykem Bozkurt, M.D.

Department of Medicine - Cardiology - Baylor College of Medicine

The Mary and Gordon Cain Chair and Professor of Medicine
Chief, Cardiology Section, Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center,
Director, Winters Center for Heart Failure Research

Associate Director, Clinical Scientist Training Program, NIH K30 BCM
Office Phone: 713-794-8019
Office Fax: 713-794-7551

Research Interests and Grant Support: The major focus of Dr. Bozkurt’s research career has been in the area of heart failure.. She was a recipient of a VA Career Development Grant Award, a VA MERIT entry level grant award. She currently receives federal grant support from the NIH as the associate-director of CSTP at BCM and also as a PI in cardiovascular research. She has conducted seminal preclinical and clinical research projects studying the role of pro-inflammatory cytokines in heart failure Douglas L. Mann, MD and other members of the Winters Center, which led to the development of the Phase II and the multicenter randomized international clinical trials of soluble TNF receptor fusion protein as therapy in patients with advanced heart failure. She has conducted many clinical trials in heart failure and her recent work has focused on the mechanisms of improvement in LV function, reversal of remodeling, cardiac metabolism and insulin resistance with beta-blockers and salivary biomarkers of injury and remodeling in cardiovascular patients.

Education: Dr. Bozkurt received her M.D. degree from University of Istanbul in Turkey in 1989, completed internal medicine residency at Baylor College of Medicine in 1993, chief medical residency and cardiology fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine in 1996 and subspecialty fellowship training in heart failure and cardiac transplantation at University Pittsburgh Medical Center in 1997. Dr. Bozkurt joined BCM as a heart failure, cardiac transplant staff cardiologist in 1997, and served as the assistant chief for Medical Services at the VA between 1997 and 2000. She received her Ph.D. in clinical heart failure research as a NIH K30 scholar in clinical translational science in heart failure, became the chief of cardiology at the MEDVAMC in 2005, co-director of the Clinical Scientist Training program at BCM in 2007, director of The Winters Center for Heart Failure Research at BCM in 2009.

Awards and Honors: Dr. Bozkurt has received numerous awards including the Henry D. McIntosh graduating resident award, selection to AOA medical society, the BCM Clinical Excellence in Fellowship Award, the Department of Medicine Excellence awards in education and teaching every year 1997-2005, the Fulbright & Jaworski L. L. P. Faculty Excellence Awards in 2003 , 2004 and 2007, the National VA Secretary’s Hands and Heart Award for Recognition of Highest Standards in Patient Care in 2003, BCM Outstanding Cardiology Clinical Faculty Award in 2008. Dr. Bozkurt was elected to the Academy of Distinguished Educators at BCM in 2003, was awarded the National American College of Cardiology Proctor Harvey M.D., Young Teacher Award in 2005.

National / International Scientific Participation: Dr. Bozkurt is a fellow of ACC and AHA. She is a reviewer for journals Circulation, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Journal of Cardiac Failure, American Journal of Cardiology and serves as an abstract grader for the AHA and ACC. Dr. Bozkurt served as an Executive Committee Member for the National Quality Enhancement Research Initiative-Congestive Heart Failure, Association of VA Research and Education) (1997 - 2001), National Education Committee Member for the Heart Failure Society of America (2002-2007), ad hoc scientific reviewer for the NIH K30-Clinical Research Awards. She currently serves as the National Education Oversight Committee member at the ACC. Dr. Bozkurt has participated in many national and international scientific sessions as a presenter, panel discussant, moderator including “Plenary Sessions”, “Meet the Expert Sessions”, “How to Sessions” at the ESC; AHA, ACC and HFSA Sessions.

Trainee Mentorship: Dr. Bozkurt mentors BCM students, UT SPH students, BCM residents, fellows and BCM CSTP MS and PhD and TBMM MDPhD candidate scholars. Many residents have participated in database driven clinical research studies and coauthored manuscripts and presented abstracts at national and local scientific meetings.

Representative Articles:

  • Bozkurt B., Kribbs S.B., Clubb F.J., Michael L.H., Didenko V.V., Hornsby P.T., Seta Y., Oral H., Spinale F.G., Mann D.L.: Pathophysiologically Relevant Concentrations of Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha Promote Progressive Left Ventricular Function and Remodeling in Rats. Circulation.1998 Apr 14; 97 (14):1382-1391
  • Bozkurt B., Villaneuva F.S., Holubkov R, Tokarczyk T., Alvarez R., MacGowan G.A., Murali S., Rosenblum W., Feldman A., McNamara D.: Intravenous Immune Globulin in the Therapy of Peripartum Cardiomyopathy. J Am Coll Cardiol. 1999 Jul;34(1):177-80
  • Bozkurt B., Torre-Amione G., Warren .M, Whitmore J., Soran O.Z., Feldman A.M., Mann D.L.: Results of Targeted Anti-Cytokine Therapy with a Soluble p75 TNF Receptor, (Enbrel, etanercept ) in Patients with Advanced Heart Failure. Circulation 2001; 103: 1044-1047
  • Agoston I, Dibbs ZI, Wang F, Muller G, Zeldis JB, Mann DL, Bozkurt B. Preclinical and clinical assessment of the safety and potential efficacy of thalidomide in heart failure. J Card Fail 2002 Oct;8(5):306-14
  • Bozkurt B, Agoston I, Knowlton AA. Complications of inappropriate use of spironolactone in heart failure when an old medicine spirals out of new guidelines. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2003 Jan 15;41(2):211-4.
  • Bozkurt B, Mann DL. Use of biomarkers in the management of heart failure: are we there yet? Circulation. 2003 Mar 11;107(9):1231-3
  • Bozkurt B., Deswal A., Obesity as a Prognostic Factor in Chronic Symptomatic Heart Failure, Am Heart J. 2005 Dec;150(6):1233-9
  • Deswal A., Bozkurt B., Comparison of morbidity in women versus men with heart failure and preserved ejection fraction. Am J Cardiol. 2006 Apr 15;97(8):1228-1231
  • Dhaliwal AS, Bredikis A, Habib G, Carabello BA, Ramasubbu K, Bozkurt B. Digoxin and Clinical Outcomes in Systolic Heart Failure Patients on Contemporary Background Heart Failure Therapy. Am J Cardiol. 2008 Nov 15;102(10):1356-60. Epub 2008 Sep 12
  • Dhaliwal AS, Deswal A, Pritchett A, Aguilar D, Kar B, Souchek J, Bozkurt B. Reduction in BNP levels with treatment of decompensated heart failure and future clinical events. J Card Fail 2009 May;15(4):293-299
  • Dhaliwal AS, Habib G, Deswal A, Verduzco M, Souchek J, Ramasubbu K, Aguilar D, Ma TS, Jneid HM, Bolos M, Bozkurt B. Impact of alpha 1-adrenergic antagonist use for benign prostatic hypertrophy on outcomes in patients with heart failure. Am J Cardiol 2009 July 15;104(2):270-275
  • Ather S, Peterson LE, Divakaran VG,Deswal A, Ramasubbu K, Giorgberidze I, Blaustein AS, Wehrens XH, Mann DL, Bozkurt B. Digoxin Treatment in Heart Failure - Unveiling Risk by Cluster Analysis of DIG data. Int J Cardiol 2010 May 13

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