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Department of Medicine - Thrombosis

Houston, Texas

Baylor College of Medicine was founded in 1900.
Department of Medicine Section of Thrombosis Research
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Training Opportunities

It is our goal to attract both M.D. and Ph.D. trainees into careers of academic thrombosis research. There are opportunities for training in both clinical and basic research in the area of thrombosis and hemostasis. Most of our faculty are members of Graduate Training Programs, various core facilities and centers. For example, Drs. Bray and López are members of the Cardiovascular Sciences Graduate Training Program and Dr. López is also a member of the Department of Genetics Graduate Training Program. Dr. Cruz is a member of the Keck Center for Computational and Structural Biology.

There are several areas of training in which our program is especially strong: Rheology, Animal Models, and Clinical Research Training/Genetic Epidemiology.

Trainees will also have the opportunity to participate in BCM's Clinical Scientist Training Program, a multidisciplinary didactic program committed to facilitate and promote the education and training of highly motivated students to become successful, independent clinical investigators and future leaders in academic medicine and biomedical research. Both a Ph.D. and a Master's degree in Clinical Investigation are now available at Baylor College of Medicine. The CSTP curriculum involves formal didactic instruction in the essential elements of clinical investigation. The core curriculum exposes trainees to concepts and methods employed in the broad spectrum of clinical research disciplines, including the fundamentals of clinical investigation, and introductions to biometry and epidemiology. Topics covered in the course include the importance of hypothesis-based research, research design, clinical epidemiology, decision analysis, ethical issues in biomedical research, statistics, scientific funding and writing research proposals, critical appraisal of the biomedical literature, and scientific writing.

Thrombosis Research Program Faculty

  • Jing-Fei Dong, M.D., Ph.D.: Rheology & ADAMTS13
  • Joel L. Moake, M.D.: Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
  • C. Wayne Smith, M.D.: Integrin biology, platelet-leukocyte interactions
  • P. Thiagarajan, M.D.: Antiphosopholipid syndrome, lupus anticoagulant
  • Vahid Afsharkhargan, M.D.: Role of complement in thrombosis
  • Miguel Cruz, Ph.D.: Von Willebrand Factor, collagen receptors
  • Jun Teruya, M.D., D.Sc.: Thrombophilia, diagnostics

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