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Transition Team Recognized

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transition team award

The Transition Medicine team has been recognized for outstanding patient service via the Press Ganey Rally in April 2017, according to Anisha Bali, Project Manager for Ambulatory Operations.



Mallory Gahm Assists Young Man with Spina Bifida

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Mallory Gahm and Tiffany Castenell

Recently, one of the nurses in the Transition Medicine team, Mallory Gahm, was visiting one of her patients, Mr. Fabian Alvarez, a young man with spina bifida who has been wheelchair bound all 28 years of his life. Mallory noticed that he had no way to get out of his home safely using his wheelchair; his insurance company had denied coverage for a wheelchair ramp, and he had to be carried into and out of his home.

According to Mallory, “I simply couldn’t sit around seeing this young man trapped in his home when he still had so much to achieve! He had goals of obtaining a driver’s license and getting a job and, with that kind of determination, I knew I had to help him.”

After unsuccessfully trying traditional routes, Mallory mobilized friends, neighbors and coworkers to get an architectural plan for the ramp, get it approved by the patient’s HOA, gather the materials needed, and then get the wheelchair ramp built. It took an entire day, but those who volunteered their time and effort couldn’t have been more pleased. And Fabian is now hunting for a job.

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