Department of Medicine

T32 Research Training in Infection and Immunity


Goals and Aims 

The Infection and Immunity National Research Service Award (NRSA) post-doctoral training program based at Baylor College of Medicine was awarded in 2003 and has an outstanding record of training investigators at the cutting edge of research in infectious diseases and immunity. Over 90% of the program’s graduates remain in a research or research-related career. Trainees in the program will be at the postdoctoral level and a mixture of M.Ds. and Ph.Ds. They are supported for between one and three years, depending on their needs and their progress in the program. This program is the sole NRSA at Baylor or the Texas Medical Center that supports the breadth of research training in infections and global health, and one of very few programs in this region of the United States. Superb training opportunities exist at Baylor in a number of areas. 

Participating faculty mentors have strong records of federal funding and training experience. Areas of focus include:

  • Enteric pathogens
  • Vaccine development and testing
  • HIV
  • Tropical medicine and public health
  • Bacterial pathobiology and treatment
  • Microbiome and functional genomics
  • Immunology

The program offers three training tracks:

  • Laboratory-based research
  • Patient-based research
  • Global and public health research

Funding Source 

  • National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
  • U.S. National Institutes of Health

Program Description and Curriculum 

The program's structure supports excellent training in translational team science. Core training activities for all M.D. and Ph.D. trainees include
developing an individual development plan, taking courses on clinical
investigation, grants and contracts and human subjects research;
participating in team science and career development seminars; and
attending a monthly research-in-progress seminar series, a weekly
journal club and a yearly scientific retreat. All trainees must present at these meetings. 

How to Apply 

A call for applicants is issued early each calendar year.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Baylor College of Medicine may provide funding for outstanding applicants who are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Applicants must have completed at least one year of a post-doctoral position (Ph.D. applicants) or one year of clinical specialty training (M.D. applicants) in a related area. Applicants from within Baylor College of Medicine are given preference over external applicants. 

Selection of trainees is performed by the selection committee, which includes the executive committee, and three other program faculty. 

Interested post-doctoral fellows should email Dr. Thomas Giordano and Dr. Mary Estes for more information.






Michael W Curtis

Item Definition

Undergraduate: North Central College
Graduate: Medical College of Wisconsin
Postdoctoral Fellowship: Baylor College of Medicine

Cecilia Belkys Sanchez Martinez

Item Definition

Undergraduate: Universidad Central de Venezuela
Medical School: New York Medical College
Graduate School: The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center UT Health

Amy Spallone, M.D.

Item Definition

Medical School: Albany Medical College
Residency: Stony Brook University Hospital
Fellowship: Baylor College of Medicine

Anubama Rajan

Item Definition

Graduate School: Baylor College of Medicine
*Baylor internally funded




Doctoral Degree(s) and Year(s)

Beharry, Zanna

Ph.D. / 2002

Huang, David

M.D. / 2000
Ph.D. / 2005

Shelburne, Samuel

M.D. / 1998
Ph.D. / 2011

Kaka, Anjum Sutarwala

M.D. / 2000

Patel, Shital

M.D. / 1997

Catanese Jr, Daniel

Ph.D. / 2005

Hernandez, Maria

M.D. / 1998

Ouyang-Latimer, Jeannette

M.D. / 2003

King, Katherine

M.D./Ph.D. / 2003

Gipson, Preeti

Ph.D. / 2010

Thacker, Stephen

M.D. / 2007

Bocchini, Claire

M.D. / 2005

Chou, Andrew

M.D. / 2009

Crews, Jonathan

M.D. / 2008

Poole, Nina

Ph.D. / 2013

Dailey Garnes, N. Janine M.

M.D. / 2005

DiNardo, Andrew

M.D. / 2007

Weatherhead, Jill

M.D. / 2009

De La Rosa, Indhira

Ph.D. / 2014

McKenna, Megan

M.D. / 2012

Cortes-Penfield, Nicolas

M.D. / 2013

Zuberi, Ayesha

M.D. / 2013