Society of Hospitalist Medicine: Las Vegas, NV

- Nupur Agrawal: "A Malignant Cough In a Patient with HIV/AIDS"
- Robert Hester: "Release the Brakes: Nivolumab-induced Myasthenia Gravis and myositis"
- Katherine Richards: "Absolute CD4 Cell count is not always absolute."
- Nan Chen: " May Thurner Syndrome: Stop and Consider in Left Lower Extremity DVT"
- Nathan Nowalk: "A tale of two opportunistic infections"
- June Kampangkaew: "Biopsy when the suspicion is high: A two for one case."
- Jing Liu: "An Unusual Case of Complete Atrioventricular Bock in a Patient with Severe Hypothyroidism."
- Sebastian Bruera: "No Rheum for Methotrexate: A case of Acute Methotrexate Toxicity."

Society of General Internal Medicine Presentation, national: Washington, DC

- Mahveen Sohail and Orhue Odaro: "A winter case of west Nile encephalitis."|
- Kevin Ting: "The cat's out of the bag: A rare presentation of invasive Pasteurella multocida infection."
- Nathan Norwalk: "Paraneoplastic Membranous Nephropathy in a Diabetic Patient."
- Beenish Ahmed: "Evidence of Increasing Incidence: Presentation of a young Hispanic male with advanced gastric cancer." 

American Geriatric Society Annual Conference: San Antonio, TX

- Cecilia Cai: "Ethical Consideration regarding dialysis withdrawal for a depressed patient

Aerospace Medical Association: Denver, Co

- Christopher Hass: "Somatic Mosaicism and Spaceflight: A new Chapter in Human genetic research." *Received honorable mention for the Young Investigator Award, 4th place out of 189 submissions.

Digestive Disease week: Chicago, IL

- Rollin George: "One Explanation for the reported increase in Gastric cancer incidence in the US."
- Samuel Akinyeye: "Incidence and Predictors of early hospital readmission among patients with cirrhosis."
- Joseph Redman: "Utilizing Natural Language Processing to accurately identify fatty liver disease."
- Beenish Ahmed: "The utility of celiac plexus block as a treatment modality in patients with celiac artery compression syndrome."