The Baylor College of Medicine Environmental Health Service seeks to educate and empower communities to reduce exposure to environmental health hazards by compiling, maintaining and providing information and resources. Our faculty regularly make community presentations, write OpEds, participate in television and radio interviews, serve on environmental health committees, and partner with the City of Houston and others on neighborhood initiatives. Some recent efforts are described below.

Baylor EHS faculty regularly give presentations to a wide range of audiences, from architectural firms to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to Houston Community College. Selected presentations and events include:

Television and Radio Interviews

Baylor EHS faculty and staff have been interviewed in local and national media, including: 

Leadership on Environmental Committees

The Baylor EHS has been involved in a number of area efforts to reduce regional environmental hazards and exposure to these hazards. Our faculty currently serves on the Houston Health Department's Lead and Healthy Homes Strategic Planning Committee and has previously served on the American Lung Association's Houston Clean Air Network, Rice University's Shell Center for Sustainability steering committee and the Houston Tomorrow board of directors.

Dr. Hamilton, along with Mr. Rock Morille of BCM Facility Services, co-founded the Texas Medical Center Sustainability Advisory Council. Dr. Hamilton and Mr. Morille also lead BCM's highly successful recycling and sustainability program. In recognition of her leadership in environmental health, Dr. Hamilton was awarded the U.S. EPA's "Children's Environmental Health Champion" award in 2008.