About Us

The Division of Atherosclerosis and Vascular Medicine is involved in basic, clinical and translational research, along with education and patient care.

The division serves Baylor College of Medicine, its hospital affiliates, and the community through strong interdisciplinary programs in atherogenesis, vascular biology, and lipid disorders.

The division is composed of faculty and support staff who work in research, education and patient care. The research is divided between basic and clinical components.

The goals of the division are to reduce pain, suffering and death from atherosclerosis and vascular disease through innovative basic and translational research. Strategies to achieve these goals include developing in vitro and animal models that emulate key aspects of the human metabolism and to use these models to test hypotheses about molecular mechanisms for lipid disorders, obesity, diabetes and atherogenesis, and ultimately translating these insights into improvements in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of vascular disease in man. Both graduate and post-graduate education is also important to translate new therapies into clinical practice.