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Flu Vaccination


Flu Shot Information - 2020


The Occupational Health Program is offering flu vaccinations at no cost for Baylor College of Medicine students, residents, staff, and faculty. You can also receive a flu vaccine from your doctor, local clinics or pharmacies.

New Scheduling Feature

This year we are introducing a new scheduling feature that allows you to select a time slot to receive your vaccination. For most of the flu events, you must reserve a time slot to get vaccinated. OHP will be providing opportunities to receive vaccination without a time slot later in the season. Access the Flu App here.

The app is fairly straightforward to use, but a few notable features.

  • You must be logged in through your BCM credentials to use it.
  • You can only schedule a time slot for yourself and reserving multiple slots is not permitted.
  • If you do not see dates or time slots, the events are full at that time. However, check back periodically because slots become available when people cancel and we are continuing to add events.

OHP does provide HD vaccine to those over 65 years of age. However, we have limited doses on hand and it may not be available at the time of your time slot. (See more information below.)

We expect to provide vaccine through at least November and are providing a similar number of vaccines that we have provided in prior years.

You do not need to send documentation to OHP, but regardless of where you get vaccinated, BCM requires that you complete the online attestation relating to flu. If you receive the flu vaccine from somewhere other than OHP, you are strongly encouraged to keep good documentation of this. Most hospitals and clinical facilities require proof of flu vaccination.

BCM requires personnel to receive flu vaccination. The due date is Nov. 30, 2020.


Flu Vaccination Policy


Baylor has implemented an Influenza Vaccination Policy, 18.1.04 (Baylor Login required). Details regarding these requirements can be found in the policy.


High Dose Flu Vaccine


As of Nov. 3, 2020, we have resumed administering HD vaccine.

High dose (HD) flu vaccine is available to Baylor College of Medicine employees and students, who are over 65 years old, at the Occupational Health Program clinic. The OHP is typically administering flu vaccine only through scheduled time slots but HD flu vaccine is available in the OHP clinic on a walk-in basis. You must be over the age of 65 to receive this vaccine from the OHP.

HD flu vaccine provides a higher dose of vaccine for people 65 and older. Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for more information about the HD vaccine.


Obtaining Documentation of Flu Vaccination


Obtaining a copy of your flu shot record is a common request. Employees and students can log in, view and download a copy of their documentation from the Occupational Health Program. Obviously, this reflects shots that we have provided. If you received a flu shot elsewhere, we would not have a record of it. You can log in using your Baylor College of Medicine credentials to see if it is on file. Most entities (hospitals) will accept a copy of this as documentation.

Printing the document directly from the browser sometimes results in a poorly formatted document. So, we recommend that you save a local copy, open it and then print it. This is an IT issue not under our control.

If you received a flu vaccine elsewhere, you do not need to send the documentation to OHP.