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Houston, Texas

As a premier academic medical center, BCM accepts the mantle of leadership in patient care, research, and education.
Department of Medicine - Section of Nephrology
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Nephrology Research Program

The Nephrology Division conducts basic and clinical research on kidney function and diseases. Internationally renowned research efforts focus upon the cellular and molecular biology of renal injury and hypertension and the molecular biology of osmotically induced stress in renal tubular cells.

Primary research objectives are to:

  • Focus on the mechanisms involved in renal inflammation which may play a role in the pathogenesis of renal disease and hypertension
  • Provide a coordinated center to facilitate the teaching of fellows entering academic nephrology. Fellows entering the Renal Research Training program, funded by NIH T32 grant under the directorship of Dr. William E. Mitch, are mentored under the guidance of the center's principal investigators
  • Encourage research careers of promising young faculty
  • Provide an avenue to explore new basic areas that may have clinical research applications

Descriptions of nephrology research programs are available by clicking on individual faculty member names:

Basic Science Research

Clinical Research

Nephrology Physicians also conduct clinical trials and patient-related research at various Texas Medical Center hospitals and affiliated dialysis centers.

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