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Section of Immunology, Allergy, Rheumatology, Inflammation - Dept of Medicine

Houston, Texas

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Immunology Allergy and Rheumatology
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Grace H. Lo, M.D.

Grace H. Lo, MD

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

Office Contact Information

One Baylor Plaza - BCM 285
Houston, Texas 77030
Phone: 713-791-1414 x4018
Fax: 713-798-5780

M.D. Degree

University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

M.S. Degree

Epidemiology, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts


Internal Medicine, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts


Rheumatology, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts

Board Certification

American Board of Internal Medicine, Rheumatology

Area of Interest

Rheumatic Disorders

Research Interests

I have an interest is in epidemiologic and clinical studies of rheumatic diseases, with my greatest interest being osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is an exciting area of research because it is a highly prevalent disease, occurring in at least 30% of people over the age of 60, causing substantial disability though there is currently little available in the way of known effective treatment excluding non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, general physical therapy, and total joint replacements. Any discovery in this area would potentially have a far-reaching public health impact.

Currently, I am a co-investigator on an R01, with Dr. Timothy McAlindon (Tufts Medical Center) as the principal investigator, where we are studying the role of bone in the progression of osteoarthritis in a group of 600 participants, an ancillary study to the Osteoarthritis Initiative, a public-private partnership to perform an observational study of those either at high risk for or with existent knee osteoarthritis.

Since starting my position at Baylor College of Medicine, I have a joint faculty position at the Michael E. DeBakey Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center and Baylor College of Medicine. I am a member of the Houston Veterans Administration Health Services Research and Development Center of Excellence, in the Clinical Epidemiology and Outcomes Program. I also collaborate closely with Dr. Maria Suarez-Almazor (MD Andersen) where we are interested in studying modifiable risk factors for incidence and progression of knee osteoarthritis.

Recent Publications

  • Stein V, Ling L, Lo G, Guermazi A, Zhang Y, Kwoh CK, Eaton CB, Hunter DJ. Pattern of joint damage in persons with knee osteoarthritis and concomitant ACL tears. Rheumatology International (2011). Jan 21.
  • Hunter DJ, Arden N, Cohaghan PG, Eckstein F, Gold G, Grainger A, Guermazi A, Harvey W, Jones G, Hellio Le Graverand MP, Laredo JD, Lo G, Losina E, Mosher TJ, Roemer F, Zhang W on behalf of the OARSI OA Imaging Working Group. Definition of osteoarthritis on MRI: results of a Delphi exercise. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage (2011). 19:963-969.
  • Hunter DJ, Guermazi A, Lo GH, Grainger A, Conaghan PG, Boudreau RM, Roemer F. Evolution of semi-quantitative whole joint assessment of knee OA: MOAKS (MRI Osteoarthritis Knee Score). Osteoarthritis and Cartilage (2011). 19:990 – 1002.
  • Driban JB, Lo GH, Lee JY, Ward RJ, Miller E, Pang J, Price LL, McAlindon TE. Quantitative bone marrow lesion size in osteoarthritic knees correlates with cartilage damage and predicts longitudinal cartilage loss. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders (2011). 12:217.

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