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Houston, Texas

Anatomy instruction at Baylor College of Medicine
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Clinical Services

Our clinicians provide state-of-the-art, caring treatment for patients with endocrine and metabolic disorders at four clinics in the medical center.

Our faculty are experienced, highly trained physicians who are leaders in their fields. Their areas of special interest are listed below. In addition, they provide expert consultation and care in the full range of endocrine practice, including:

  • Adrenal diseases
  • Calcium metabolism disorders
  • Cholesterol and other lipid disorders
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Diabetes prevention and treatment
  • Growth hormone (adolescents and adults)
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Hypertension
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Hypogonadism - testosterone deficiency
  • Infertility/Reproductive medicine
  • Male sexual dysfunction
  • Menopause
  • Metabolic bone disease and osteoporosis
  • Nutritional pharmacology and metabolic syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Parathyroid disorders
  • Pituitary
  • Risk factor management for coronary artery disease
  • Thyroid disorders

Adult Endocrine Clinics

All clinics are staffed by Baylor faculty endocrinologists, assisted by endocrine subspecialty fellows. For more information, visit the Baylor Clinic website at

Baylor Clinic Physicians:

Mandeep Bajaj, M.D.

Glenn R. Cunningham, M.D.

Susan L. Samson, M.D., Ph.D.

Morali D. Sharma, M.D.

Vijay K. Yehoor, M.D.

For St. Luke's Episcopal Hosptial consults, call 713-605-8989, pager #28702

Ben Taub Hospital

Call voice mail 713-569-9927 for appointments

General Endocrinology Clinic (All Endocrine Disorders)
Ashok Balasubramanyam, M.D., Chief of the Endocrine Service

Metabolic Syndrome - Heart Failure Clinic
Nalini Ram, M.D.

DKA Clinic (Specialty Diabetes Clinic)
Ashok Balasubramanyam, M.D.
Nalini Ram, M.D.

HIV-Lipid Clinics (HIV-related Metabolic Disorders)
Rajagopal Sekhar, M.D.

Endocrine Testing Clinic
Nalini Ram, M.D.

Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center

For veterans only call 713-791-1414

Marco Marcelli, M.D., Chief of the Endocrine Service

Jose Garcia, M.D.

Sanjay N. Mediwal, M.D.

Madhuri M. Vasudevan, M.D.

Clinical Research Studies

The endocrine division faculty members have numerous ongoing clinical research projects in the areas of diabetes, obesity, bone disease, male reproductive disorders and hormonal replacement, thyroid cancer and HIV-related metabolic diseases. If you would be interested in participating in such studies, please call the endocrine division office: 713-798-1707.

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