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Cardiovascular Sciences

Houston, Texas

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Section of Cardiovascular Sciences
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JoAnn Trial, Ph.D.

Associate ProfessorJoAnn Trial, Ph.D.

Education and Training:

B.A.: University of Dallas (1965)
M.A.: Texas Woman’s University (1969)
Ph.D.: University of Texas Health Science Center at Dallas (1980)
Post-doctoral training: Washington University (1980-1985)

Research Interests:

Dr. Trial is studying the origins of different types of fibroblasts in healing injuries to the heart. This research is in two major areas:

a) White blood cells called monocytes travel through the blood and migrate to organs that have been injured. The cells migrate out of the blood vessels and into these tissues, where they mature either into macrophages that fight infections, or fibroblasts that form scars. We have identified some of the factors that influence the decision of the monocyte to become either a macrophage or a fibroblast, and are investigating the signaling mechanisms and cascades that result.

b) Fibroblasts are cells that can deposit scars after tissue injury. Some of these cells derive from adult stem cell progenitors in the heart. The stem cells are multipotent in that they can develop into many kinds of cells such as bone, cartilage, and fat cells as well as fibroblasts. We are studying which influences determine the lineage choice of these cells.

Selected Publications:

Trial, J., Rice, L., and Alfrey, C. P. 2001. Erythropoietin withdrawal alters interactions between young red cells, splenic endothelial cells, and macrophages: An in vitro model of neocytolysis. J. Invest. Med. 49:335-345.

Trial, J., R. D. Rossen,J. Rubio, and A. A. Knowlton. 2004. Inflammation and ischemia: macrophages activated by fibronectin fragments enhance the survival of injured cardiac myocytes. Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 229:538-45.

Trial, J., Rubio, J. A., Birdsall, H. H., Rodriguez-Barradas, M., and Rossen, R. D. 2004. Monocyte activation by circulating fibronectin fragments in HIV-1-infected patients. J Immunol. 173:2190-2198.

Haudek SB, Trial J, Xia Y, Gupta D, Pilling D, Entman ML. 2008. Fc receptor engagement mediates differentiation of cardiac fibroblast precursor cells. Proc Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 105:10179-10184. PMID 18632582.

Haudek SB, Gupta D, Dewald O, Schwarz RJ, Wei L, Trial J, Entman ML. 2009. Rho Kinase-1 Mediates Cardiac Fibrosis by Regulating Fibroblast Precursor Cell Differentiation. Cardiovascular Research 83:511-518. PMID 19406912.

Rossen RD, Rubio, JA, Porter, WJ, Trial J, Orson, FM, Rodriguez-Barradas MC, Birdsall HH. 2009. Monocyte CD49e and 110-120 kDa fibronectin fragments: HIV prognostic indicators independent of viral load and CD4 T-cell counts. AIDS 23:2247-2253. PMID 19710592.

Kim SC, Stice JP, Chen L, Jung JS, Gupta S, Wang Y, Baumgarten G, Trial J, Knowlton AA. 2009. Extracellular heat shock protein 60, cardiac myocytes, and apoptosis. Circulation Research 105:1186-1195. PMID 19875724.

Haudek, S.B., Cheng, J., Du, J., Wang, Y., Hermosillo-Rodriguez, J., Trial, J., Taffet, G.E., Entman, M.L. 2010. Monocytic fibroblast precursors mediate fibrosis in angiotensin-II-induced cardiac hypertrophy. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 49:499-507. PMCID: PMC2917526

Cieslik, K.A., Taffet, G.E., Carlson, S., Hermosillo, J., Trial, J., Entman, M.L. 2011. Immune-inflammatory dysregulation modulates the incidence of progressive fibrosis and diastolic stiffness in the aging heart. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 50:248-256. PMCID: PMC3019252

Carlson, S., Trial, J., Soeller, C., Entman, M.L. 2011. Cardiac mesenchymal stem cells contribute to scar formation after myocardial infarction. Cardiovascular Research, 91(1):99-107. PMCID: PMC3112022

Cieslik, K.A., Trial, J., Entman, M.L. 2011. Defective Myofibroblast Formation from Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the Aging Murine Heart: Rescue by Activation of the AMPK Pathway. Am J Pathol. 179:1792-1806. PMCID: PMC3181380

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