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Cardiovascular Sciences

Houston, Texas

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Section of Cardiovascular Sciences
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Anilkumar K. Reddy, Ph.D.

Anilkumar K. Reddy, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Education and Training

B.E.: Osmania University – CBIT, Hyderabad, India, 1985
M.S.: The University of Akron, Akron, OH, 1991
Ph.D.: Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, 1996
Postdoctoral Fellow: Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, 1997-2001

Research Interests

Since 1997 Dr. Reddy has been developing Doppler and physiological signal acquisition and processing systems in collaboration with Indus Instruments. Using the custom-built sensors and devices in the Instrumentation Development laboratory has developed measurement techniques and applications that were used in large animals and humans to study cardiovascular function in mice. Some of these include non-invasive measurement of systolic and diastolic pressure in mice with tail-cuff and pulsed Doppler, determination of aortic input impedance in mice to evaluate the systemic load on the left ventricle of a mouse, and noninvasive measurement of coronary flow velocity in mice. We currently use noninvasive Doppler methods to measure cardiac velocities, blood flow velocities in central and peripheral vessels, arterial pulse-wave velocity, tail-cuff blood pressure, arterial wall motion, and tissue Doppler without image guidance. We also use imaging methods to measure cardiac and vascular dimensions. Invasive methods are used mainly to measure aortic, arterial, and left ventricular pressure. Efforts are underway to develop non-invasive indices of aortic impedance using aortic wall motion and velocity measurements.

Dr. Reddy's current research interests include evaluation of cardiac and vascular mechanics in senescent, disease, transgenic, surgical models of mice. Some of the mouse models we studied include atherosclerosis, dwarf, myocardial infarction/remodeling, pressure overload, hypertension, and absent vascular tone. Using noninvasive methods we phenotype the animals as abnormalities develop and progress, and monitor the cardiovascular system as it adapts and compensates for deterioration of function or for missing or over-expressed proteins. Our main goal is to translate what learn in mice to humans for early detection and screening of vascular diseases at an early stage when potential therapies can be most effective at preventing disease progression.

Selected Publications

Hartley CJ, Reddy AK, Madala S, Entman ML, Michael LH, and Taffet GE. Noninvasive ultrasonic measurement of arterial wall motion in mice – Innovative Methodology. American Journal of Physiology Heart Circulatory Physiology, 287: H1426-H1432, 2004.

Reddy AK, Taffet GE, Li, Y-H, Lim S-W, Pham TT, Pocius JS, Entman ML, Michael LH, and Hartley CJ. Pulsed Doppler signal processing for use in mice: Applications. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 52(10): 1771-1783, 2005.

Zhang YM, Bo J, Taffet GE, Chang J, Shi J, Reddy AK, Michael LH, Schneider MD, Entman ML, Schwartz RJ, and Wei L. Targeted deletion of ROCK1 protects the heart against pressure overload by inhibiting reactive fibrosis. FASEB Journal, 20(7):916-925, 2006.

Reddy AK, Amador-Noguez D, Darlington GJ, Scholz BA, Michael LH, Hartley CJ, Entman ML, and Taffet GE. Cardiac function in young and old Little mice. Journal of Gerontology-Biological Sciences, 62A(12):1319-1325, 2007.

Bujak M, Ren G, Chatila K, Dobaczewski M, Reddy AK, Taffet GE, Wang X-F, Frangogiannis NG. Smad3 null mice exhibit attenuated ventricular remodeling following myocardial infarction. Circulation 116: 2127-2138, 2007.

Hartley CJ, Reddy AK, Madala S, Michael LH, Entman ML, Taffet GE, Doppler estimation of reduced coronary flow reserve in mice with pressure overload cardiac hypertrophy. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, 34(6):892-901, 2008.

Eberth JF, Gresham VC, Reddy AK, Popovic N, Wilson E, Humphrey JD. Importance of pulsatility in hypertensive carotid artery growth and remodeling. Journal of Hypertension, 27(10): 2010-2021, 2009.

Reddy AK, Madala S, Jones AD, Caro WA, Eberth JF, Pham TT, Taffet GE, Hartley CJ. Multi-channel pulsed Doppler signal processing for vascular measurements in mice. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, 35(12):2042-2054, 2009.

Chintalgattu V, Ai D, Langley RR, Zhang J, Bankson JA, Shih TL, Reddy AK, Coombes KR, Daher IN, Pati S, Patel SS, Pocius JS, Taffet GE, Buja LM, Entman ML, Khakoo AY. Cardiomyocyte PDGFR-β signaling is an essential component of the cardiac response to load induced stress. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 120(2):472-484, 2010.

Hartley CJ, Reddy AK, Madala S, Entman ML, Taffet GE. Feasibility of Doppler velocity measurements to estimate volume pulsations of an arterial segment. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, IN PRESS, 2010.

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