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Family & Community Medicine - Standardized Patient Program

Houston, Texas

The Cullen Building at Baylor College of Medicine.
Standardized Patient and Simulation Program
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Claire Huckins Clinical Performance and Simulation Lab

Baylor College of Medicine has expanded its lab from six rooms to 12 rooms designed to look and function like a real medical clinic. Each room is equipped with computers, wall-mounted exam equipment, and video cameras.

There are two rooms currently being remodeled to resemble a hospital triage room.

Students are tested in these exam rooms to experience a realistic patient-doctor encounter. The lab prepares students to start their residency with confidence.

Lab Examination Room Photos

The exam rooms are equipped with standard doctor's office furnitureEach room has standard exam equipment Common items that are used to examine patients are provided in each room

Each simulation room is equipped with an examination bed, medical supplies, and all the equipment needed for a routine doctor's office visit.

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