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Family & Community Medicine - Standardized Patient Program

Houston, Texas

The Cullen Building at Baylor College of Medicine.
Standardized Patient and Simulation Program
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Simulation Lab Location

The Claire Huckins Simulation Lab for Clinical Performance Improvement is located on the 4th floor of the
Michael E. DeBakey Building on the Baylor College of Medicine Main Campus.
The physical address is:

Claire Huckins Simulation Lab for Clinical Performance Improvement
One Baylor Plaza MS:BCM300
Houston, TX 77030
(713) 798-5538

Directions to the Simulation Center:

Check in with Security at the front desk of the Alkek Building. To your right, you will see the DeBakey Museum; the elevators are directly to the left of the museum. Take the elevators to the 4th floor. The Simulation Center is down the hall. If you are a Standardized Patient, please check in at the Command Center for further instructions. For more information on the Simulation Center and the Standardized Patient Program, please go to the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education on the 2nd floor, M220.

Map of 4th Floor DeBakey Building

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