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Houston, Texas

Anatomy instruction at Baylor College of Medicine
Department of Family and Community Medicine
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Casa de Amigos Health Center

Kenya Steele, MD, assistant professor and medical director Casa de Amigos Message from the Director - Kenya Steele, M.D.

Our Baylor faculty members have served the residents of this Near-Northside super neighborhood for more than 40 years providing pediatric and adult primary care health services along with multi-disciplinary services including woman’s health, rheumatology, psychiatry, ophthalmology and podiatry.

We strive and continue to address patient access, and improved quality and accountable healthcare providers. We offer our patients a full range of services in one location including radiology, pharmacy and laboratory as well as nutritional counseling, smoking cessation classes and behavioral health services.

Casa de Amigos Community Health Center (HCHD)Appointments

Casa de Amigos Health Center is located at:
1615 North Main St.
Houston, TX77009
For appointments call: 713-222-2272

Casa de Amigos Happenings

L-R: Ms. Sanchez, Dr. Steele, Ms. Oliver, Ms. Ramirez NCQA Recognition

The National Committee for Quality Assurance recognized Casa de Amigos Health Center and providers as a level three Physician Practice Connections®-Patient-Centered Medical Homes™ in June 2011.

Meet our team

Kenya Steele, M.D.
Nageeb Abdalla, M.D.
Janie M. Anders, PA
Vivian Bevan, PA
Diana Blicharski, M.D.
Nasreen Alsharifi, M.D.
Nilda Colon-Rivera, M.D.
William R. Graham, M.D.
Valeria Imperial, M.D.
Misba Lateef, M.D.
Hammad Mahmood, M.D.
Patrick McColloster, M.D.
Yasmeen Quadri, M.D.
Roberta Torres, M.D.
Katherine Browne Buchanan, M.D.
Marcia Warren, M.D.

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