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Houston, Texas

Anatomy instruction at Baylor College of Medicine
Department of Family and Community Medicine
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International Family Medicine Residents

The Department of Family and Community Medicine invites international medical residents outside the U.S. and Canada who are currently enrolled in an established residency program in family medicine to do an international academic rotation in our department. Participants are exposed to the content and practice of family medicine with emphasis on family medicine principles such as the biopsychosocial model of clinical care, continuity of and longitudinal care, disease prevention and health maintenance, and the patient-centered, family-oriented approach to medicine.

This program is structured to illustrate the way we teach family medicine. Participants:

  • Pair with physicians in various clinical settings
  • Participate in one-on-one didactic sessions with faculty regarding the U.S. and local health care system, including managed care, health maintenance organizations, and community oriented primary care
  • Attend didactic sessions on special topics in family medicine and attend Grand Rounds

The rotation is tailored as much as possible to each resident's specific area(s) of interest and/or needs. Although structured, there is flexibility in the rotation to allow independent study time to pursue areas of special interest and to arrange meetings with individual faculty to address specific questions. Before the rotation begins, each applicant is asked to write a short statement regarding what he/she hopes to accomplish by participating in the rotation.

Upon completion of the rotation, participants are asked to complete a written evaluation of the rotation experience and meet with one of the faculty for an exit interview/debriefing. Additionally, participants may be asked to give an informal presentation and attend a journal club. Physicians will complete evaluations of the participants with whom they have worked.

Rotations are offered for a period of one month with one or two participants at a time. Participants are responsible for all expenses including transportation, housing, food, health insurance, immunizations and Baylor College of Medicine fees. Texas state law does not allow international academic rotation participants to engage in the direct care of patients.

Please contact Rosa I. Olvera via e-mail at for application. Allow approximately four to six months lead time to finalize the rotation.

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