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Houston, Texas

Anatomy instruction at Baylor College of Medicine
Department of Family and Community Medicine
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Medical Student Education - Family Physician Preceptors

Family physician preceptors offer students a view of family practice as it is in the community. These physicians usually see all members of the family and deal not only with each member's problems but also with the family as a whole. Students will also learn about diseases as they present in the ambulatory setting and will often follow up in the hospital if the patient needs inpatient care.

Students, who wish to do their rotation outside the Houston area, may use physicians associated with the Texas Statewide Family Practice Preceptorship Program. An application must be completed at least six weeks in advance of the rotation.

For more specific information about the preceptors used on the Core Clerkship in Family and Community Medicine, contact Carolyn Olson.

Carolyn Olson
Phone: 713-798-6590

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