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Houston, Texas

Anatomy instruction at Baylor College of Medicine
Department of Family and Community Medicine
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Medical Student Education - Patient, Physician and Society Course (PPS)

The Patient, Physician and Society Course, commonly referred to as PPS, is a longitudinal experience during the basic science curriculum.

In PPS I and II, first-year students learn about interviewing, medical history taking, physical examination, professional values, social contexts of patients and doctors, and the health care system. Students begin using these skills in ambulatory preceptor sessions throughout the first year.

In PPS III, the second-year medical students learn to apply and refine these skills in the context of more acute illnesses with hospitalized patients. The goal of PPS is to teach students excellence in interviewing and physical exam skills in the context of relationship-centered care.

Key Contacts

  • Christina St. Michel, M.D.
    Course Director, PPS I and II
    Phone: 713-798-7782
  • Delbert Dennis Myers, M.D.
    Assistant Course Director, PPS I and II
    Phone: 713-798-7590
    Fax: 713-798-7789
  • Anita Kusnoor, M.D.
    Course Director, PPS III
    Phone: 713-873-3560
  • Jamie Smith
    Course and Mentor Coordinator
    Call if absent for any sessions
    Office of Undergraduate Medical Education, Room M220
    Phone: 713-798- 7669
    Fax: 713-798-1226
  • Carolyn Olson
    Community-Based Education Coordinator
    Call with questions about preceptor sites
    Room 275A (Next to student mail boxes)
    Phone: 713-798-6590
    Fax: 713-798-5795

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