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Houston, Texas

Anatomy instruction at Baylor College of Medicine
Department of Family and Community Medicine
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Residency Program - How to Apply / Program Criteria

Baylor Family Medicine at Northwest Community Health Center Track

Thank you for your interest in our program Baylor Family Medicine at Northwest Community Health Center Track!

The Baylor Family Medicine Residency Program does not discriminate with regard to sex, race, age, religion, color, national origin, disability or veteran status.

We welcome and review all applications to our residency program. Our program is heavily subscribed and we reserve the right to limit our review of applications that meet the following criteria:

  • USMLE exams with a grade of 205, using the 3 digit score
  • Maximum attempts per USMLE exam - 2
  • COMLEX scores at or above a 2 digit score of 85 or the 60th percentile as determined by the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners
  • Cut off year for graduation - 5 years prior to application

We would like to advise our applicants that we do not offer:

  • Visas other than J1 sponsorship
  • In accordance with Baylor GME regulations, we do not sponsor observerships or clinical externships to applicants not already enrolled in a undergraduate or graduate program elsewhere. Please contact Baylor GME for further information regarding these requirements.

All applicants must register through ERAS and NRMP and comply with all required documentation. For more information, please see ERAS for Applicants.

Baylor Family Medicine at Kirby Track

Of important note is that we will be matching all six residents to the Northwest Clinic. We have decided to focus our training on the underserved population that is served at Northwest Clinic and Harris Health System. We apologize to those applicants that are interested in the Kirby track and hope you will consider the Baylor Program if your interests and passions lie with caring for the underserved.

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