Clinical Research Methods

Our courses in clinical research methods, directed by Hamisu Salihu, M.D., Ph.D., vice chair of research in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, are tailored for the busy healthcare professional who would like to review and discuss important fundamental concepts in research methodology. The courses will be held in an engaging environment where participants will have the opportunity to learn from an expert medical researcher who has published hundreds of papers and successfully acquired many federal grants.

Beginner’s Course: Clinical Research Methods

The class consists of four modules that will provide a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of clinical research methods. The course will review basic statistical techniques supplemented by class exercises to give participants hands-on experience in SAS.

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Intermediate Course: Training in Analysis of Continuous and Categorical Outcome Data

The class consists of four modules that will focus on providing hands-on competency with respect to the most common statistical procedures used to analyze continuous and categorical data, along with an overview on confounding, effect modification, and interaction. All analyses will be conducted using SAS software.

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Online Lectures: Fundamentals of Clinical Research Methods-Study Designs

This is an online preliminary beginners course for anyone interested in acquiring fundamental knowledge about clinical research methods as well as skills in calculating basic statistical measures commonly utilized in clinical research.

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Clinical Research Methods for Scientific Publishing 

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Corporate/Company Services

We also offer specialized services to corporations and companies in the area of big data analysis. Services include corporate analysis and reporting, projections for entities including corporations and institutions, as well as cost-effectiveness analysis. Typically, due to the complex nature of these services, we charge $250 per hour with an upfront refundable deposit of $3,500. Please email Dr. Salihu at for more details.

Thesis/Dissertation Services

If you need assistance with your thesis/ dissertation, we can also help. Please email Dr. Salihu at for more details.

Course Director and Instructor

Hamisu Salihu, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Salihu has published hundreds of peer-reviewed journal articles, has been and is the principal investigator of several federally funded grants (including the NIH, HRSA, and the AHRQ). He is also an expert in perinatal epidemiology, and has been recognized by the New York Times (2008) and Time Magazine (2013).