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Golding Lab

Houston, Texas

DNA (purple) and mRNA (red) labeled in individual E. coli cells. (Golding Lab)
Golding Lab
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Golding Lab

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March 2014 – Ido gave the Biophysics seminar at Johns Hopkins University.

February 2014 - Patrick's paper, 'Escherichia coli swimming is robust against variations in flagellar number', is published in eLife.

February 2014 - Ido co-chaired the symposium “Biophysics of genetic switches” at the Biophysical Society 58th Annual Meeting.

February 2014 - Ido gave seminars at Tel-Aviv University and at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

January 2014 - Ido spoke at Yale’s Systems Biology Institute.

December 2013 - Ido presented our work at the Zing conference, “Bacterial Cell Biology: Bacterial Cells in Space and Time”.

December 2013 - Ido gave a seminar at the Carnegie Mellon - University of Pittsburgh PhD Program in Computational Biology.

December 2013 - 'The Plasma Membrane Flattens Out to Fuel Cell-Surface Growth during Drosophila Cellularization', which Heng and Ido contributed to, is published in Developmental Cell.

December 2013 - Ido's review, 'Genetic Determinants and Cellular Constraints in Noisy Gene Expression', is published in Science. [Listen to co-author, Alvaro Sanchez, discuss the review in the Science Podcast.]

November 2013 - 'The maternal-to-zygotic transition promotes robust morphogenesis via regulation of the actin cyotoskeleton', which Leonardo and Ido contributed to, makes the cover of PLoS Genetics.

October 2013 - Ido organized the Edward C. Cox Symposium at Princeton University, honoring his former postdoc advisor.

September 2013 - Watch Ido’s talk at the Workshop on Stochasticity in Biochemical Reaction Networks, Banff International Research Station.

July 2013 - Heng, Leonardo, and Sam taught at the 5th annual CPLC Summer School.

June 2013 - Ido spoke at the FASEB meeting, “Mechanisms and Regulation of Prokaryotic Transcription”.

June 2013 - Ido presented at the workshop “Cell Decision-Making”, organized by NSF.

May 2013 - Sam and Leonardo's paper, 'Measuring mRNA copy number in individual Escherichia coli cells using single-molecule fluorescent in situ hybridization' is published in Nature Protocols. [See also this research highlight.]

May 2013 - Ido taught at the “Single-cell microscopy workshop” at the ASM annual meeting.

May 2013 - Ido spoke at the meeting “Decision Making in Nature” at Imperial College London.

April 2013 - Wedding in the lab!

Sam Skinner, graduate student and ordained minister (red shirt), brings in holy matrimony Lance Min, former graduate student, and his beloved Inhwa Jun. Leonardo Sepulveda, graduate student (white shirt) reads a passage on the merits of marriage. Mengyu Wang, graduate student (black shirt), documents for posterity.

March 2013 - Ido received the NSF CAREER award to study gene regulation in individual cells from bacteria to mammals.

March 2013 - Ido presented a Physics Colloquium at Emory University.

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