Department of Anesthesiology

Day in the Life of a CA-2 at MD Anderson Surgical ICU


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By Alex Bui, M.D.

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MD Anderson brings a unique patient population to our residency program that will not be seen anywhere else in the world. We are based in the surgical ICU side with typical postoperative ICU care, however what makes this special are the complexities of their medical disease. Nearly every patient is on some type of experimental chemo/therapy such as genetically engineered T-cell therapy, cancer-targeted viral inoculating infusions, therapeutic plasmapheresis, and much more. Along with these come with rare complications such as chemo induced PRES syndrome, fungal and multi-microbial sepsis, and CART syndrome just to name a few. This is an open unit commonly with general medicine or leukemia/lymphoma folks that definitely leave the critical care medicine to us. From performing POCUS with our anesthesia CCM faculty, intubations, central access, bronchoscopies; we call the shots. Cancer patients just generally bring a sense of gratitude for our service. These patients come to MD Anderson from around the world and it is an honor to partake in their care.