Baylor College of Medicine

Clinical Operations Messages Archive


• June 4: Incident Command Center -- Types of COVID-19 testing; telehealth payers expiration date; scheduled appointments by visit type.

• June 4: Baylor Recovery and Clinical Update -- Updated exposure guidelines; workplace modifications requests; clinical reopening plan

• June 2: Incident Command Center -- Surgical masks, extend clinic hours, daily data report.

• May 26: Incident Command Center -- Visitor policies revised and cleaning instructions provided for all clinical and administrative spaces.

• May 21: Incident Command Center -- Extended Hours Considerations for Baylor Medicine Clinics ; Cleaning Supplies for Non-Clinical Areas

• May 19: Incident Command Center -- Increasing Patient Encounters ; Incident Command Center Communications.

• May 14: Expanded symptom screening stations, app and website at all buildings Monday.

• May 12Incident Command Center -- Screening Attestation Logs; Daily Data Report.

• May 11Incident Command Center -- Clinic Flow and Design Safety Considerations; Social Distancing and Masking Policy

• May 8Incident Command Center -- Screening Attestation App; Visitor Policy.

• May 7Incident Command Center -- Healthcare Worker Well-Being During Recovery; Clinic Flow & Design and Logistical Support Task Forces - Updated Guidance; New Epic Orders for Pre Surgery COVID testing - Outside of Houston and Testing Site.

• May 6Incident Command Center -- Epic Symptom Screening Updated; Enhanced Access, Face-to-Face; In Office Pre Procedure Testing Protocol

• May 4Incident Command Center -- Employee Screening Attestation; Occupational Health Guidelines and Returning to Work Guidance; Increasing Face-to-Face Visits Week of May 11-15

• May 1Incident Command Center -- Texas Medical Board (TMB) Emergency Rule; Televox Messaging; Template and Schedule Changes

• April 30Incident Command Center -- Epic Travel Screening Updated; daily reports

• April 29Incident Command Center -- Antibody Testing; Upcoming Appointment Update MyChart Message to Patients

• April 28Incident Command Center -- Staged Increases of Clinic Volumes; Patient Education about Safe Spaces

• April 27Incident Command Center -- COVID-19 PCR Test My Chart Results Release; daily reports

 April 24Incident Command Center -- Fit Testing; HHS (Health and Human Services) COVID-19 specific HIPAA Info

• April 23, 2020: Incident Command Center -- Cloth face-covering policy; HHS telehealth resources; video visit Epic 411s; daily reports.

• April 22, 2020: Incident Command Center -- New appointment data available; daily reports.

• April 16, 2020: Incident Command Center -- Information on Baylor Medicine's triage line.

• April 15, 2020: Incident Command Center -- Information about clinical skills assessments. 

• April 13, 2020: Incident Command Center -- Medical Exemption Doctor Statement; PPE daily report.

• April 10, 2020: Incident Command Center -- Virtual video visit instructions for providers and patients; telehealth help desk for patients; PPE information.

• April 9, 2020: Incident Command Center -- Information on canceling or rescheduling appointments and guidance for reuse of face shields.

• April 8, 2020: Incident Command Center -- Recommended PPC chart update, as well as new daily reports.

 April 6, 2020Incident Command Center -- New guidelines for telehealth solutions for inpatient visits.

• April 3, 2020: Incident Command Center -- Telehealth guidance and PPE supply status.

 April 2, 2020Incident Command Center -- PPE supplies, masking reminders and scheduling workflows.

• April 1, 2020: Incident Command Center -- Message includes information on the Governor’s recent travel orders, telemedicine out-of-state guidance, Epic411s, updated phone encounter screening, and a daily date report.

• March 31, 2020: Incident Command Center -- Techniques for removing/storing masks, new Baylor Medicine visiting policy, scheduling guidance for CHI McNair Imaging.

• March 30, 2020: Incident Command Center -- Baylor leads discussions regarding masking for staff working in clinical areas.

• March 30, 2020: Incident Command Center - Baylor Medicine updates

• March 27, 2020: Incident Command Center - Telehealth solutions for new patients, new tools, daily data report/PPE tracking.

• March 26, 2020Incident Command Center -- PPE supply update, telemedicine information.

• March 24, 2020: Telehealth Solution (Video Visits) Implementation - In-depth processes outlined.

• March 24, 2020Incident Command Center -- Information on testing and patient visits

• March 23, 2020Incident Command Center -- PPE centralization, nasopharyngeal swab collection instructions and OHP information

• March 18, 2020: Incident Command Center - College announces limited access to main Baylor campus, telecommuting, telemedicine primers

• March 19, 2020Incident Command Center -- COVID-19 testing site information

 March 17, 2020: Incident Command Center - COVID-19 section available in Epic, new PPE use regarding extended N-95 masks, COVID-19 stats.

 March 16, 2020: PPE Consolidation and Coordination Efforts - PPE - N95 and equipment update, guidelines for infection prevention/ control.

 March 16, 2020: Incident Command Center - In-clinic testing protocol, PPE chart, phone screening, BSLMC to implement patient screening at entrances.

 March 15, 2020: Incident Command Center - McNair/ Jamil to begin screening patients at building entrances, social distancing promoted, employees to begin screen.

 March 14, 2020: Incident Command Center - Universal patient screening at Baylor Medicine clinics, PPE recommendations to match current CDC guidelines, travel advisory.

 March 11, 2020: Important Baylor Medicine Information About COVID-19 Screening - Phone protocol training, in-clinic tessting protocol, NP swabbing video, mandatory training in SucessFactors.