Baylor College of Medicine

Visitor Guidelines


Outpatient Clinic Facilities


For all visitors to Baylor Medicine outpatient clinic facilities, we ask that visitors adhere to the following:

1. You will need to arrive wearing a mask or cloth face covering; if you don’t have one, then you will be given one.

2. We will be screening all patients and visitors upon arrival with temperature checks and an exposure questionnaire.

3. To minimize risk, we are currently restricting all visitors. Patients who are able to attend appointments alone should do so. Please make arrangements to attend your appointment by yourself, unless you meet the below criteria:

4. For patients who enter the facility with a non-essential visitor, the visitor will be asked to return to their car, and they will be contacted when the patient is ready to leave.

5. One essential visitor/caregiver may accompany a patient if one or more of the following apply: 

  • Patient cannot communicate
  • Patient requires a mobility assistant for safety
  • Patient requires a parent or guardian (ex: minor or disabled adult)
  • It is anticipated that the patient may receive life altering news (ex: end of life discussions)

6. If the essential visitor/caregiver's presence is not needed during the patient's encounter or procedure, the visitor will be asked to wait in the waiting area while the patient attends the appointment.

7. If the patient and provider agree, the visitor may listen in on the appointment from the waiting area via a phone connection  provided verbal consent is obtained from the patient or the patient's Legal Representative and documented in the visit note.

8. When you arrive to your appointment, and have successfully completed ePreCheckin, please let our front desk staff know that you have arrived in order to fully complete the check-in process.

9. Please follow signs and markers on the ground in waiting rooms and check-in lines to ensure social distancing.

10. If patients or their essential visitors/caregiver are not feeling well, they should contact their care team for direction before traveling to the appointment.

For In-Patient/Hospital Visitors

Patients and visitors should plan ahead. Please review the CHI St. Luke’s visitor policy for more information for in-patient/hospital visitors.

Visitors: Hospital Procedures and Surgeries

May 14, 2020 Update: New Highly Restrictive Visitor

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