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Office of Diversity and Community Outreach

Houston, Texas

The Office of Diversity and Community Outreach provides programs and activites aimed at increasing the enrollment and graduation of students underepresented in medicine.
The Office of Diversity and Community Outreach
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Other Community Programs

The Bright Futures Fair targets children, ages 6 to 15 and helps them visualize that they too can have bright futures. Professional volunteers guide them through this learning process and help them learn that their Bright Futures start now.

The Office of Diversity and Community Outreach participates in the Bright Futures Fair each year by sponsoring an exciting, interactive booth that emphasizes the importance of education, preventive health care, and personal safety.

With a booth on the importance of bicycle safety helmets and the effects of what not wearing a safety helmet could have on the brain, BCM Medical Students use an interlocking model of the brain to show youngsters the intricacy of the elements that make up this organ.

Utilizing the Brain Explorations booklets, raffle prizes and handouts, we are excited about participating in this wonderful, unique and creative opportunity to provide the youth of Harris County with the opportunity to learn more about health, safety, and careers with bright futures in a fun-filled atmosphere.

The Bright Futures Fair is the culminating event of the Harris County Precinct One Street Olympics sponsored by Commissioner El Franco Lee.

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