Houston Chronicle Ads

Week 1

Serving the Community Through Patient Care

Week 2

Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan

Week 3

Saving Baby Elephants

Week 4

Bolstering Teen Health

Week 5

Saving Lives Outside of Hospital Walls

Week 6

Summer Program Prepares Undergraduates For a Science Career

Week 7

Supporting the Military Always a Priority at Baylor

Week 8

Creative Program Reaches Community with Cancer Screening Message

Week 9

Restoring Hope and Health to Entire Communities

Week 10

After-hospital care provides safety net for patients who need rehab help

Week 11

Baylor’s community is not defined by geographic lines

Week 12

Teachers get lessons in how to teach science to young students

Week 13

Baylor’s pipeline program for young students is a long-time College priority

Week 14

Baylor excels with some help for its friends

Week 15

Baylor is there in time of need

Week 16

Applauding the Baylor workforce

Week 17

Med students serve community on Matthew Carter Service Day

Week 18

Baylor faculty share expertise with the public; help shape policy

Week 19

Genetics seminar helps build networks

Week 20

Baylor College of Medicine Trustee David Baldwin champions support for The Center Houston

Week 21

Medical Ethics is key focus for Baylor across mission areas

Week 22

Students serve through HOMES Clinic, Healthcare for the Homeless Houston services

Week 23

Baylor community supports local and global community though individual efforts

Week 23

Achieving the amazing in our community