Volunteers needed!

Men and women between 18-80 years of age with high cholesterol.

Have you been told that you have high cholesterol that may put you at risk for developing heart disease?

Are you currently taking a statin medication but still have high cholesterol?

If so, you may be qualified to participate in a clinical research study to test the effectiveness of an investigational medication.

During this 15-19 week study, participants will receive:

•    9 visits to the research clinic
•    All study-related evaluations           
•    Physical/ECG exams
•    Laboratory assessments
•    Investigational medications at no cost

Subject must not be taking metformin for diabetes

Paid parking and a travel stipend will be provided if you are eligible for the study.

For more information, please call (713) 798-3330 or email ccpd@bcm.edu.