Clinical Trials

NOURISH Alzheimer's Disease Study (H-32561)

Description: Baylor College of Medicine is one of 60 sites participating in this clinical trial which will be conducted across the United States. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of AC-1204 compared with placebo in patients with mild to moderate stage Alzheimer's disease. AC-1204 is a nutritional supplement formulated to help the body produce ketones. Brain cells in Alzheimer patients have reduced uptake of glucose or may be less able to use glucose as a fuel. Ketones can be used as an alternative fuel source in the brain and this may improve cognition.

Eligibility: Men and women between 66 to 90 years of age in generally good health who have mild to moderate stage Alzheimer’s disease. Participants may not have insulin-dependent diabetes or stomach or bowel disease requiring treatment. They may not be currently taking Axona®, coconut oil or supplements containing medium chain triglycerides. The caregiver and patient must agree to come for five clinic visits over a six-month period of time.

For more information contact Gerard Duncan at (713) 798-5325 or email