A Randomized Prospective Multicenter Trial of Pancreas Resection With and Without Routine Intraperitoneal Drainage

The use of drains has proven to be unnecessary or even harmful in many abdominal surgeries, however, many surgeons fear that abandoning routine intraperitoneal drainage after pancreatectomy may not be safe. This randomized prospective trial is designed to test the hypothesis that distal pancreatectomy without routine intraperitoneal drainage does not increase the severity or frequency of complications within 60 days of surgery. To qualify, participants must be at least 18, have a surgical indication for distal pancreatectomy, have no medical contraindications to pancreatectomy, be willing to consent to a randomized group, and comply with 90-day follow-up.

Contact: Jerry Buentello, M.D.
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For more information, see Pancreas Resection With and Without Drains or, visit The Elkins Pancreas Center.