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Type 2 Diabetes Study (H-25778)

Do you have type 2 diabetes? Are you currently taking Metformin in combination with Pioglitazone? Has your doctor told you your blood sugar level is not adequately controlled? Medical researchers are studying an investigational, oral medication to see if it can help improve your blood sugar levels. To pre-qualify for this study you must:

Be ≥18 and < 80 years of age
Have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Be currently taking Metformin (≥1500 mg/day or on the maximum tolerated dose for 12 weeks) in combination with Pioglitazone (45 mg/day or the maximum clinically-acceptable dose in the investigators' opinion).

Total study length is 28 weeks. Qualified participants will receive all study-related medical evaluations and study medication at no cost. You may also receive reimbursement for time and travel.