Background on the Alzheimer's Disease Center

The Alzheimer's Disease Center at Baylor College of Medicine, sponsored by the National Institute of Health, is a research setting in which patients with Alzheimer's are followed longitudinally over the course of the disease. These patients are evaluated annually and given a series of physical, neurological, and neuropsychological (memory) assessments.

What is the purpose of the control study?

The purpose of the Control study is to gain a better understanding of memory functioning in normal elderly control subjects. Our goal is to establish a database of information collected from annual assessments with normal control subjects to use as a comparison to data gathered from Alzheimer's patients.

Who is eligible to participate?

A person may be eligible to participate if they are:

• Are 60 years of age or older
• Are in stable general health
• Are not currently experiencing significant memory problems
• Are willing to return once a year for annual assessments

The study coordinator will review medical and eligibility requirements by phone while setting up the first appointment. A consent form will be provided at the initial visit.

What is involved for individuals who wish to participate?

Subjects participating in the control project will be asked to make annual clinic visits at Baylor College of Medicine’s Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Disorders Center, located on the 9th floor of the McNair Building, 7200 Cambridge St, Houston, TX 77030. At the initial visit, a consent form explaining the study will be presented. Eligible subjects will be asked questions about their medical history and current medications, and then will be asked to complete a series of neuropsychological tests. These tests will include tasks of verbal and visual memory, attention and concentration, visual-spatial perception, language functioning, and manual dexterity. Subjects will also be given a brief physical exam (including vital signs) and neurological assessment. The clinic visit will take about three and half hours. Once enrolled in the study, each subject will be asked to return on a yearly basis, at which time all neurological and neuropsychological measures will be repeated.