TRISH is committed to educating the general public and prospective researchers about risks to human spaceflight. We inform researchers on how their work can help maintain astronaut health during deep space exploration missions.

Workshops and Conferences

Designed to spur innovation, TRISH places an emphasis on Workshops and Conferences. We hold topic-specific workshops annually that enable participants to evaluate the maturity of a research area or new methodology for use in space. TRISH also supports NASA's annual Human Research Program (HRP) Investigators Workshop (IWS) where the latest human space research and new directions are often conveyed. Conferences also often enable collaborations between distinct groups and investigators for the benefit of NASA. Occasionally, NASA may request a specific workshop to meet the needs of HRP.

Clinical Research Opportunities in Space Medicine

Clinical Research Opportunities in Space Medicine (CROSM) provides research and training opportunities to The University of Texas Medical Branch Aerospace Medicine residents. CROSM  allows residents to perform projects with seasoned mentors to further hone their research skills and creates a pipeline to filling NASA's needs for flight surgeons.