Medical Decision Making and Behavioral Economics

Medical decision making and behavioral economics are fields that study and seek to improve upon decisional processes, or in other words, how individuals make choices. In particular, behavioral economics seeks ways to improve decision-making by using principles of economics and psychology to overcome the inherent biases individuals employ in their decision-making. Our research in this area focuses on whether and how physicians should use knowledge from research on decision-making to shape people’s health care decisions and related behaviors. 

Decision-Making in the Learning Health Care System

The Learning Health Care System model aims to improve the quality and efficiency of health care by harnessing the power of data to embed research into the fabric of care delivery to enable a continuous cycle of knowledge generation and improvement. Transitioning to such a model will require tremendous changes for traditional approaches to clinical research and clinical practice. Our research focuses on the impact of this transformation upon patient and physician decision-making related to research in this new context.