ELSI Genetics/Genomics

Investigating the ethical and responsible integration of advanced technologies, such as genomic sequencing, as well as the policy challenges that accompany these new genomic technologies.

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As we improve our understanding of how the brain works, questions about how we use this information necessarily arise. Neuroethics explores the philosophical, ethical, legal, and social implications of neuroscience, as well as broader issues that stem from our expanding insight into memory, consciousness, and personal identity.

Medical Decision Making and Ethics

Develops practical and moral guidelines for the use of principles of behavioral economics and decisional psychology to shape people’s decisions and behaviors. Also addresses ethical issues in medical decision making and shared decision making more generally.

Clinical Ethics Research

Examines ethical issues arising in the clinical setting, especially in the hospital intensive care units and with the advanced technologies of modern medicine.

Health and Science Policy 

Examines the challenges facing science and healthcare, and apply our research and expertise to help advocate for responsible and ethically sound policy.