Medical Ethics Pathway students build Ethics Project posters each year to compete for the Baruch A. Brody Outstanding Student Award. The award was established in 2013 to honor Dr. Brody, founder of the Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy. Dr. Brody also founded the Ethics Track (now Medical Ethics Pathway), which graduated its first class in 1993. Three distinguished judges review the posters and select the top three projects for the Baruch A. Brody Outstanding Student Award. In addition to the poster judging, students receive certificates recognizing their completion of the Medical Ethics Pathway.

2018 Award Winners

John Coverdale, M.D., Claire Horner, J.D., M.A., and Susan Raine, M.D. judged the 2018 Ethics Track graduates' Ethics Project Posters May 29, 2018. Congratulations to the three 2018 winners!

1st Place - Danielle Clark
HEADS4: Social Media Screening in Adolescent Primary Care

2nd Place - Allison Sellner
To Intervene of Not to Intervene: An ethical framework Supporting the Performance of Fetal Surgery in the Presence of Maternal HIV/Hepatitis Seropositivity

3rd Place - Ankita Patro
The Patient Who Continues to Smoke On Treatment: An Ethical Dilemma

2017 Award Winners

John Coverdale, M.D., Laura Loftis, M.D., and Diane Treadwell-Deering, M.D. judged the 2017 Ethics Track graduates' Ethics Project Posters May 30, 2017.  Congratulations to the three 2017 winners!

1st Place - Rui Zheng
The Development of an Ethical Framework for Public Policy on Mandatory Childhood Vaccination

2nd Place - Hannah Ermon
Ethical Considerations in Patients Refusing Treatment for a Suicide Attempt

3rd Place (tie) - Holland Kaplan and Kevin Sweetwood
The Nazi Analogy and Physician Aid-in-Dying in the United States (Kaplan)
How Low Can You Go?: An Ethical Critique of Current ALARA Guidelines on Radiation Dose Reduction (Sweetwood)

2016 Award Winners

Tessy Thomas, D.O., Andrew Childress, Ph.D., and Adam Pena, M.A. judged the 2016 Ethics Track graduates' Ethics Project Posters May 31, 2016. Congratulations to the three 2016 winners!

1st Place - Michelle Nguyen
Casuistry versus Prudence: An Ethical Framework for Recommending Mode of Delivery in Common Obstetric Diseases and Conditions

2nd Place - Effie Rahman
Physician’s Role in Reporting Visual Impairment to the Department of Motor Vehicles

3rd Place - Anthony Wood
"What are my Odds?" – An Oncologist’s Dilemma

2015 Award Winners

Drs. Stacey Berg, Andrew Childress, and Trevor Bibler judged the 2015 Ethics Track graduates' Ethics Project Posters May 26, 2015. Congratulations to the three 2015 winners!

1st Place - Tiana Won
Paid Protection? Ethics of Incentivizing Reversible Contraception Among Adolescents with Alcohol and Other Drug Use

2nd Place - Danny Hyman
Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis in Known BRCA 1/2 Carriers: Background and Ethical Implications

3rd Place - Diane Chen
Increasing HPV Vaccination Through School Entry Requirements: An Ethically Justifiable Measure to Protect Public Welfare

2014 Award Winners

Drs. Stacy Berg, John Coverdale, and Jennifer Blumenthal-Barby judged the 2014 Ethics Track graduates' Ethics Project Posters May 27, 2014. Congratulations to the three 2014 winners! 

1st Place - Jennifer Wax
"By Any Other Name"? Towards an Ethical Nomenclature for Disorders of Consciousness

2nd Place - Vania Phuoc
Cancer Care in the Cognitively Impaired

3rd Place - Ella Doerge
Postmortem Sperm Retrieval: Insufficient Guidance for Clinical Decision-Making

2013 Award Winners

Drs. Baruch Brody, Stacy Berg, and John Coverdale judged the 2013 Ethics Track graduates' Ethics Project Posters May 21, 2013. Congratulations to the three 2013 winners! 

1st Place - Michael Loudin
Do Addicts Have Sufficient Autonomy to Provide Consent to Research that Administers Addictive Drugs?

2nd Place - Nico Cortes-Penfield
Ethical Justification for the Mandatory Influenza Vaccination of Healthcare Workers

3rd Place - Jeffrey Hammaker
Empowering Patient Autonomy by Attending to Patients’ Spiritual and Religious Beliefs