From 1985 until July 1, 2016, The Texas Consortium Geriatrics Education Center was one of 45 national GECs in the country until HRSA discontinued funding for GECs. Headquartered at Baylor College of Medicine, the statewide consortium was comprised of ten leading academic institutions. Many formerly HRSA-funded GECs continue to offer geriatrics education. The present TCGEC promotes interprofessional geriatrics education for clinical faculty and community practitioners, serves as a resource to geroeducators at all levels, and shares materials, mainly Web-based distance learning content. Keeping the same acronym since its inception, the TCGEC now stands for the Texas Consortium for Geriatrics Education and Care. We offer our free online certificate program and collaborate with other academic and clinical institutes.


  • Offer educational programs for faculty and community practitioners of designated health professions
  • Expand minority faculty recruitment and career development in geriatrics
  • Initiate a student enrichment program to foster student interest and support student development in the field of aging
  • Provide technical assistance and consultation services regarding the coordination of statewide projects in geriatrics and gerontology
  • Sustain an information network for the identification of distribution of resources essential to the support of educational programs in geriatrics and gerontology throughout the state via the Texas Alliance of GECs


Enrollees participate in a professional development program, adding some new dimension to the courses they teach or to the clinical services they provide older people. It is through this process of ongoing professional development that we impact the quality of lives of older Texans. As distant learners, enrollees take a 40-hour certificate course online. See the distance learning page or contact Dr. Robert E. Roush, TCGEC director, at or (713) 798-4611. 


Partners collaborate to advance the development of health professionals' capabilities to improve the lives of older Texans through better programs, service delivery activities, and resources in the field of aging. By the end of 2016, more than 75,000 Texas healthcare professionals had attended TCGEC offerings.

Collaborative for Excellence in Geriatrics 

The members of the CEG will be listed here soon. This new national organization will have its own Web site, a governance structure, and meet at annual meetings of the AGS, GSA, ASA and other national aging-related organizations.