Medical students may choose from a variety of clinical research topics. Scholarship funding is available to assist with completion of the project and presentations at national meetings. Potential project areas and mentors include:

Aimee Garcia, M.D. (VA) - Wound care

Joel Salazar, M.D. (VA) - Polypharmacy

Ursula Braun, M.D. (VA) - End of life care

Robert Tan, M.D. (VA) - Male andropause

George Taffet, M.D. (Houston Methodist Hospital) - Cardiovascular aging

Victor Narcisse, M.D. (Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center) - Dementia

Kathryn Agarwal, M.D. (Houston Methodist Hospital) - Delirium 

Basic research opportunities are also available through the Huffington Center of Aging. Faculty mentors are available.