Houston Geriatric Team Training Curriculum

A complete curriculum including text on disk (and hard copy on request); the Texas Five Step Approach to Teamwork training video; a CD-ROM self study hypertext on geriatric interdisciplinary teams. This curriculum includes nine text chapters on core geriatric interdisciplinary team topics; case examples and standardized patient scripts; exercises and activities for group and self-instruction. It was designed for each topic area to be a stand-alone teaching topic in either didactic or clinical settings. The package is priced with and without a hard copy of the text. View the curriculum contents outline.

"Texas Five-Step Approach to Teamwork" Training Video

This video addresses common team dynamics issues and demonstrates how skill utilization by one member of the team can increase the effectiveness of the whole team. The video presents four different interdisciplinary teams working in diverse settings including a geriatric clinic office, and acute care teaching setting, a hospital discharge setting and a rehabilitation unit. The interaction among team members is shown several times – the first time exhibiting conflict and poor communication skills followed by a reenactment of the same case exhibiting the basic principles and skills needed for effective teamwork.

Interdisciplinary Team Training Self-instructional Module

This computer-based self-instruction module on geriatric interdisciplinary teams provides similar content to the text version (described above), plus embedded links, video and audio content.

Hospice/Palliative Care Training UNIPAC

The American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine has developed a self-study curriculum consisting of six modules or UNIPACs developed in a format for self-instructional learning. HGITT faculty contributed to the content for UNIPAC 5: Caring for the Terminally ill/Communication and the physician’s Role on the Interdisciplinary team. It includes behavioral objectives, a pre-test, reading material, clinical situations for demonstrating knowledge application, a post-test, and references.

Self-learning Modules in Geriatric Medicine, 3rd Edition

This windows based CD-ROM contains 17 self-paced multimedia modules on topics important to geriatric care: Geriatric Assessment; Interdisciplinary Team Training; Congestive Heart Failure; Urinary Incontinence; Depression; Confusion; Fall and Mobility; Care of the Dying Patient; Pressure Ulcers; Rheumatology; Hormone Replacement Therapy; Hearing Impairment; Community Acquired Pneumonia; Involuntary Weight Loss; Preventive Ethics; Elder Abuse; Oral Health.