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Women's Health Summit

The annual Women's Health Summit in Houston, sponsored by the Huffington Center on Aging at Baylor College of Medicine, began in 1997. This dynamic program offers up-to-date information on issues relating to women's health. An important component of this program is the innovative format, which provides both an educational forum and a fund-raising awards luncheon to a very broad audience.

The educational forum features internationally recognized physicians and scientists who serve as visiting professors to share the latest research and treatment discoveries in their particular areas of expertise.

Each year, a nationally or internationally known woman is chosen as the recipient of The Anne Morrow Lindbergh Award for Living with Grace and Distinction; and serves as the keynote speaker during the luncheon.  A select group of Houston’s most outstanding women are also honored with the Spirit of Excellence Award, for their invaluable contributions to the community throughout their lives, and with the Excellence in Bloom Award, in recognition of the philanthropic and volunteer activities they have contributed in the first half of their lives.

The upcoming Women's Health Summit will take place Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014. See the schedule and program information about the upcoming summit.

Previous Honorees

Anne Morrow Lindbergh Award for Living with Grace and Distinction

Liz Carpenter, 1997

Madame Jehan Sadat, 1998

Countess Patricia Mountbatten, 1999

Phyllis Newman, 2000

Debbie Reynolds, 2001

Rue McClanahan, 2002

No honoree due to "Young at Heart" Gala - A Tribute to Michael E. DeBakey, 2003

Marilu Henner, 2004

Empress Farah Pahlavi, 2005

Barbara Bush, 2006

Estée Lauder, 2007

No honoree due to HCOA's 20th Anniversary "Crystal Ball" Celebration, 2008

Barbara Taylor Bradford, 2009

Lesley Stahl, 2010

Carol Channing, 2011

Dr. Jane Goodall, 2012

Spirit of Excellence Award

Margaret M. Alkek, Belle Johnson, Eleanor McCollum - 1998

Colletta McMillian, Cynthia Woods Mitchell, Margaret Alkek Williams - 1999

Janey Briscoe, Betty Jukes, Trini Mendenhall, Marian Yeager, Sue Trammell Whitfield - 2000

Helen Kleberg Groves, Cora Sue Mach, Dian Owen Stai, Clara Whitmore - 2001

Janice Barrow, Jean Luchi, Joan Lyons - 2002

No honorees due to "Young at Heart" Gala - A Tribute to Michael E. DeBakey - 2003

Mary Lee Merrett, Suzanne McCrary, Patsy Fourticq, Sharon Owens - 2004

Sidney Faust, Maryann Hoffer, Sylvia Sullivan - 2005

Ann Bookout, Mary Gracely, Jan Duncan - 2006

Melinda Berkman and Phyllis Williams - 2007

No honorees due to HCOA 20th Anniversary "Crystal Ball" Celebration - 2008

Diane Gendel, Betty Hrncir - 2009

Nancy Dinerstein, Mary Ann McKeithan - 2010

Joan Schnitzer Levy, Mary Bain Pearson - 2011

Jan Carson, Beth Madison - 2012

Excellence in Bloom Award

Beth Sanders Moore, Vanessa Sendukas - 2005

Denise Bush Bahr, Terrie Hogan Turner - 2006

Mehrnaz Gill, Rosemary Schatzman - 2007

No honorees due to HCOA 20th Anniversary "Crystal Ball" Celebration - 2008

Donatella Benckenstein, Kim DeLape - 2009

Kelli Cohen Fein, Denise Hazen - 2010

Linda Lyons Brown, Melissa King, Alicia Smith - 2011

Nidhika Mehta, Phoebe Tudor - 2012


Betty Jukes (Chair) - 1997

Betty Jukes (Chair), Maxine Hammonds-Smith (Co-Chair) - 1998

Melinda Berkman (Chair), Suzanne McCrary (Co-Chair) - 1999

Suzanne McCrary (Chair), Mary Lee Merrett and Nancy Tapick (Co-Chairs) - 2000

Lavonne Cox (Chair), Sylvia Sullivan and Cameron Vann (Co-Chairs) - 2001

Mary Lee Merrett (Chair), Mehrnaz Gill (Co-Chair) - 2002

Cora Sue Mach and Sidney Faust (Chairs) - 2004

Mehrnaz Gill and Donatella Benkenstein (Chairs) - 2005

Betty Hrncir (Chair), Reda Martin (Co-Chair) - 2006

Jan Carson and Virginia Reisman (Chairs) - 2007

No WHS even due to HCOA 20th Anniversary "Crystal Ball" Celebration - 2008

Joan Lyons and Linda Brown (Chairs) - 2009

Mary Bain Pearson and Bain Pearson Pitts (Chairs) - 2010

Anne Carl and Kim Moody (Chairs) - 2011

Donatella Benckenstein and Kelli Cohen Fein (Chairs) - 2012