Gliogene in the News

credit: Nature
The genomics of brain cancer

This Nature article featuring an interview with Gliogene PI Dr. Bondy discusses the genetic basis of brain cancer

credit: Nature
Searching for the roots of brain cancer

Dr. Bondy is interviewed by Nature regarding the etiology of brain cancer

credit: New York Times
The Brain Cancer That Keeps Killing Baseball Players

Dr. Bondy, PI of Gliogene, is interviewed for her expertise on brain cancer in this New York Times article on glioblastoma in baseball players.

credit: Houston Chronicle
Study shows that certain brain tumors may run in families

The Houston Chronicle discusses some of the results of Gliogene.

Sisters Search for Link After Rare Cancer Hits Family Twice

ABC News discusses Gliogene with Dr. Bondy

In the genes: Family quests for glioblastoma answers

When glioblastoma hit their family for a second time, sisters Hadley Rierson and Carrie Lebovich teamed up with Baylor College of Medicine’s Dr. Melissa Bondy. Read the full story.

New study identifies first gene associated with familial glioma

An international consortium of researchers led by Baylor College of Medicine has identified for the first time a gene associated with familial glioma (brain tumors that appear in two or more members of the same family) providing new support that certain people may be genetically predisposed to the disease. Read the full article.

Houston-led consortium narrows search for familial glioma susceptibility

An international consortium led by Baylor College of Medicine and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center has narrowed the search for the gene or genes associated with inherited susceptibility to glioma, a deadly form of brain cancer, to a region on chromosome 17.