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Occupational Health

Houston, Texas

Anatomy instruction at Baylor College of Medicine
Occupational Health Program
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MyOHP Faculty

MyOHP Frequently Asked Questions

Login to MyOHP (students, residents and faculty currently have the ability to log on)

What is MyOHP?

This webpage allows you to view a portion your health record on file with the Baylor Occupational Health Program.

How Do I Log On?

MyOHP uses the same User Name and Password that you use to log onto the Baylor network. We do not have access to your password. If you need assistance with your User Name or Password, please go to the BCM Password Self-Service:
or contact the IT Help Desk at 713-798-8737.

My User Name and Password Work For Logging Onto the Baylor Network, But I Still Cannot Log Into MyOHP

For technical reasons, there are a handful of people who will not be able to use the system. Please contact OHP.

I Am Leaving Baylor (Or Have Left Baylor), Can I Still Use MyOHP?

Most likely no. You need to have an active User name in order to use the system.

What Can I Do Once I Log In?

The system gives you read-only access. You will not be able to edit any information. However, you can see a list of your TB tests dates and other information relating to vaccinations that we have on file. Notice at the bottom of your records, you can create a PDF file.

Why Would I Want To Use MyOHP?

This allows you to see the date of your last TB test. MyOHP is very useful if you need to see if you are due for a TB test. The information is frequently needed for credentialing as well. This information is considered part of your medical record. Please do not maintain copies in Department personnel files.

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