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Additional Information On Submitting Vaccine Records

If you request your records from a health provider, you usually have the option for them to send records directly to us or to send the records to you. We recommend that they send the records to you and then you send the records to us. This may seem to be more of a hassle, but please consider the following:

  • Lost records are difficult to track down. If you request that your school or physician sends records directly to us and we indicate that we have not received them, then there is no way to know whether the problem is on our end or their end. If you send us the record, at least you will know when the records were sent to us. A typical clinic may release records within a day or a month, so there is no predicting when the records might arrive.
  • Records from clinics often do not contain a cover letter (which makes it difficult for us to know why we are receiving these records). Records may be illegible or may misspell your name or have an old name on them. If you receive the records first, you have an opportunity to clarify the information.
  • Regardless of whether you send us the records or a clinic sends us the records, we will devote our full attention to getting them processed.

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