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Occupational Health

Houston, Texas

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Occupational Health Program
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Needlestick Ben Taub Hospital

Contacts For Exposures At Ben Taub Hospital (Harris Health System)

Person to Call Contact Number
First Contact: Day (Harris Health System) Nurse Manager 713-873-7330
First Contact: Day (Baylor) OHP 713-798-7880
First Contact: After Hours (Harris Health System) Nurse Manager 713-873-7330
First Contact: After Hours (Baylor) OHP 713-428-6496
Arrange Source Patient Blood Draw: Day Nurse Manager 713-873-7330
Arrange Source Patient Blood Draw: After Hours Nurse Manager 713-873-7330
Arrange Employee /Student Blood Draw OHP 713-798-7880
Counseling and Follow Up OHP 713-798-7880

Medication, if needed, following a BBP exposure at Ben Taub is initially called in by the Infectious Disease Attending on call. This is the same contact number as the antibiotic pager. The nurse manager or page operator can reach them. Do not call the Infectious Disease consult service.

General Instructions For Needlestick and Human Blood / Secretion Exposure

A Baylor incident report needs to be filled out for exposures occurring at any institution.

Harris Health System has paperwork that needs to be completed. This is an important step because it links source test results to a specific incident. Without it, source test results might not get conveyed to you or Baylor.

Exposure to blood through needlesticks is an all too frequent occurrence. With each exposure you risk contracting hepatitis or HIV/AIDS. The best protection against blood borne exposure is being careful. If you are exposed from a needlestick, wash the area with soap and water and use povidone iodine (if not allergic to it). With mucous membrane exposure, rinse with large amounts of water.

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