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Occupational Health

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Occupational Health Program
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Record Release - Checking on the Status of a Request

OHP is unable to confirm that we have received a record request. Therefore, if you need confirmation that it has been received, then please save your fax confirmation notice or request a release by coming to the clinic.

Because of the volume of records processed, we are not able to confirm every time a record has been sent. Therefore, the best way of ensuring that your records have been released is to have them released to yourself. You can then provide the copies to employers, schools or whomever the final recipient is. Further, subsequent requests for records (even to a different recipient) will result in a base charge of $25 which must be prepaid. We strongly urge you to release records to yourself and not third parties.

The key reason why a request has not been processed or is delayed is that the request is incomplete. Please ensure that the release form is completely filled out.

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