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Occupational Health

Houston, Texas

Anatomy instruction at Baylor College of Medicine
Occupational Health Program
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Incoming Student

Welcome to the Occupational Health Program web site for incoming students! This site contains information that will make your entry into Baylor College of Medicine smooth. You are expected to review our information and meet the stated requirements.

  • First, you should register on our web site. The information you provide is used by Occupational Health and is unrelated to your course schedule. It simply allows us to process your records.
  • You will need to provide immunization records and complete other paperwork. The State of Texas requires students in health care related fields to have been immunized against certain diseases. You will not be allowed to complete registration and start classes on time unless your complete vaccination information is on file with OHP by the deadline.
  • Please complete the forms at the bottom of this page and submit proper documentation.
  • Forms and records relating to vaccinations should be returned (via mail or facsimile) to OHP, which maintains employee/student records. Records are confidential. Please do not send them to your program, the Office of Student Affairs or the Registrar.
  • Please note that we typically will not respond to messages where the answer is readily available on our website. So, please review our information. Further, if you do contact us, please ensure that your message has a specific question to address. Messages such as "Please call me, I had a question about vaccine records" will usually get a response that simply refers you to our website.

You will not be allowed to complete registration or start classes on time unless we have received your complete vaccination records. DEADLINE.

For medical students the deadline is June 24, 2015

For physician assistant and orthotic-prosthetic students the deadline is May 29, 2015

For graduate students (Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences) the deadline is June 24, 2015

Some pointers:

  1. You must submit copies of your actual immunization record or actual lab test immunity. Titers are preferred over vaccines. Although vaccination does meet our requirements, some hospitals require proof of immunity (positive titer)

    We do not accept mere statements that you have been vaccinated or are immune; we need copies of the records.
  2. If you do not have copies of your records, get them. You can get copies from the clinic that administered the service.
    Schools that you have attended should provide you a copy of your records.

    As a health care professional, you should have good records of your health. The issue of immunizations will arise throughout the rest of your career. Additional Advice
  3. You can submit scanned copies of your records. Keep in mind a few things. Records should be in a single PDF formatted file. Please do not send JPG or TIF formatted documents. The system does not support zip files. File size should be less than 3 MB total. Include your name in the file name. This email is for submitting records only. It is not for inquiries or general correspondence. Our e-mail address for records is
  4. If you mail records, regular ground delivery is usually adequate to assure we receive them. The problems we encounter with "lost mail" usually arise when you rely on a third party to mail your records. Again, you are strongly encouraged to send records to us yourself rather than relying on your doctor's office, your school or other clinic to send them. We will review your records, of course, regardless of who sends them to us. All mail, including overnight envelopes, are processed through the Baylor mailroom. Expedited delivery may be a reasonable option if sending documents internationally.
  5. You can send partial records to us as they are available (e.g., copy of tetanus records now and hepatitis B titer later) rather than waiting until all of them are available.
  6. You are required to receive a TB test (PPD) from Baylor Occupational Health Program.
    Therefore, you should not complete this before your arrival.

    , regardless of when your last test was.

    However, if you had a negative test in the past, you can send it because it is often useful to have that on file. We will not test you if you provide adequate documentation of having had a positive test in the past.
  7. Indicate "Incoming student 2015- N", where N represents your area of study (M.D., PA, GPNA, OP, Graduate) on all correspondence. This will help us properly route your records.
  8. Typical processing times once we have received the records are within one week until May and about two weeks after then. We will send you an email after the records are reviewed, but we cannot confirm that we have received them prior to reviewing them. Be sure to register with us (described above) so we can communicate with you.
  9. Keep in mind that some vaccination requirements can take six months to complete (e.g. receiving the hepatitis B vaccine series), so plan accordingly. If you will be travelling or unavailable for large blocks of time, please do not wait until returning to address your vaccine requirements.
  10. The expectation is that you will have completed all of the shots in a particular vaccine series before starting. For example, hepatitis B is a 3 shots series over 6 months. If you wait until the deadline to start the series, even though you may be able to start classes on time, you will not be able to participate in certain aspects of your required courses.
  11. We do not have the ability to confirm that we received records (by mail or fax) that are awaiting review. We send notification once we have reviewed the records.
  12. We realize that you have many deadlines, forms, and matters to complete before starting. Most of the questions or issues you will encounter involving vaccination requirements are addressed on our website. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns that are not addressed elsewhere on our site. Our email for inquiries or general correspondence is

If you have additional questions regarding vaccine record submission, please see our FAQ page

Student Forms

The forms in this section must be completed and returned to OHP with proper documentation.

Additional Information

Student Immunization Requirements
HIPAA Privacy Notice

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