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Occupational Health

Houston, Texas

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Occupational Health Program
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Needlestick General

Exposure to blood and body fluids, due to needlesticks and splashes, represent real hazards to healthcare workers. Blood and body fluids can be infected with hepatitis or HIV. If you are exposed during the course of your work duties, you should follow a few steps:

Clean the exposed area. If you are splashed in the eye, rinse your eye out with water. If you are stuck with a needle, then clean the site with soap and water. Some people prefer using alcohol or iodine, which is fine. The important step is to clean it IMMEDIATELY after exposure.

Next, you should report the exposure to both Baylor OHP and the institution it occurred in. OHP provides counseling to the employee and follow up. The institution will perform testing on the source patient. Because the procedures for this vary from hospital to hospital, it is important to follow their instructions. Below are links to the contact phone numbers at the respective institution.

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