Empower Employees Through Health and Fitness Programs

The Baylor College of Medicine Wellness program is modeled after the award-winning wellness program, BCM BeWell, available to faculty and staff at Baylor College of Medicine.

After launching BCM BeWell, Baylor College of Medicine earned recognition as the 5th Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America, for its commitment to employee health and exceptional wellness programming. The success of BeWell has earned Baylor many awards in the health and wellness. Through this outstanding wellness program, Baylor has developed a culture of wellness through education and personal engagement, resulting in an increase in employee morale and quality of life.

And now, Baylor College of Medicine Wellness is available to empower other companies to bring the same benefits to their employees.

Strategic Wellness Services Boost Morale, Reduce Stress

Our objective is to develop a culture of well-being for the employees of companies of all sizes. We achieve this objective by designing specific programs for your company’s employees based on their individual needs. These programs will engage and empower your employees to enhance their quality of life at work, as well as at home. Working with your company's leadership, our team will develop a strategic plan and then implement that plan to guide your company in a positive direction.

The Baylor College of Medicine Wellness program helps you help your employees fit fitness into the office. Our program focuses on:

  • Employee engagement and participation
  • Health and wellness education on stress management, work-life balance, physical activity and more
  • Cultural change to embrace wellness
  • Increased employee morale and pride
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Mindfullness

Wellness Makes Healthy Living Easier

Baylor College of Medicine Wellness offers opportunities to help build a culture of well-being by:

  • Implementing a Wellness program 
  • Organizing onsite biometric screenings
  • Developing strategies of effective communication
  • Developing and implementing company challenges to include exercise, nutrition and more
  • Assisting with recruiting passionate wellness champions
  • Providing educational presentations on health and wellness
  • Providing seminars with experts tailored to your organization needs
  • Managing incentive and reward programs

A Lifetime of Fitness Begins at the Office

Baylor Wellness is a one-stop program that takes your company from initial assessments to portal management. And it provides special initiatives along the way such as:

  • On-site education and screening activities (lipids, eye, skin, e.g.)
  • Flu shot clinics
  • Diabetes prevention program