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Genetic Labs

Houston, Texas

Genetic Laboratory
Medical Genetics Laboratories
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Cancer Genetics Laboratory Licenses

The Cancer Genetics Laboratory is a specialty testing group at the Medical Genetics Laboratories at Baylor College of Medicine.

Licenses, Accreditations, Certifications License/Permit # Expires
Federal Registration/Certification
CLIA / Department of Health and Human Services 45D0660090 2/27/2015
State of New York 4584 6/30/2014
State of California COS800035 5/13/2014
State of Florida 800012320 12/4/2014
State of Maryland 1419 6/30/2015
State of Rhode Island LCO00545 12/30/2014
The College of American Pathologists 2109314 4/15/2015
Medicare/Medicaid Certification
Medicare 00K21Q
Texas Medicaid 0207920-01
National Provider # 1770635864
New York State Approved Test List
NY Restricted Permit Application
Changes to Pennsylvania License Requirements

For any questions regarding lab certificates and licenses, please contact Doreen Ng at .

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